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A London expat in Turkey. Moved in 2005, married in 2007, mother in 2009. Blogging as DIY therapy to process life's changing faces. For money I mainly do freelance writing and transcription work and we have a business running luxury motor yacht cruises for visitors to and residents of our local holiday resort, Altinkum.

A word of thanks to my new parenting guru, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan

Prime Minister Erdogan, I was a bit doubtful about you when you came to power but over the years you’ve really proved yourself as one of the great leaders of our time. In fact, I’ve realised many of your strategies … Continue reading

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Turkish Barbie goes (Cillit) Bang

So it was Saturday morning and I was watching the weekly Barbie film dubbed into Turkish, with my eldest daughter. Actually, she watched and I folded the laundry mountain (crampons would be useful) and tidied the kitchen. The adverts came on … Continue reading

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How to kill a Didim dinner party: sexuality, religion, politics, violence, residency permits

There are a few topics of conversation you should probably not talk about in polite conversation. But I am a fervent believer in free speech so here are some of those topics rocking Didim this week: Death penalty, terrorism, unlawful … Continue reading

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Violence in Didim as prominent businessman commits murder

Shock News: Ufuk Ergenekon, 42 year old owner of Didim cement factory Ufuk Beton and local philanthropist, shot and killed relative Gokhan Sevgi with a gunshot to the head, according to allegations. The tragic incident took place at D-Marin Didim, … Continue reading

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Why Kipa in Didim will fix all our problems

Come to Altinkum! We’ve got sun, sand, sea, cheap(ish) beer and nice food. Just a word of warning, though, while you’re sunning yourself on our beach don’t look too hard at the sand or you’ll see all the broken glass … Continue reading

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Teatotallers: Tea culture in Turkey

When I was a child I joined the Brownies – the junior, female, British version of the Scouts. I had a brown uniform with a yellow scarf held in place by a woggle, and, according to the Brownie handbook at … Continue reading

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My list of must-pack items for your travel bag

I’ve done quite a lot of travelling on my own and it’s never been at the luxury end of the scale, where in my imagination there is always someone around to resolve your issues for you – a personal concierge … Continue reading

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Following James Bond to Istanbul

According to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet Daily News, James Bond is planning his third trip to Istanbul. He’s been twice before, once with Sean Connery’s face in From Russia with Love, and once looking remarkably Pierce Brosnan in The World … Continue reading

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October 2007 – Intro to The Ramazan Diaries

Written 4 October 2007: This diary started life as a piece I wrote for Altinkum’s local newspaper, Voices, about Ramazan. I remember when I first came here [ed’s note: in 2006], I didn’t really “get” it as a concept – … Continue reading

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Just starting out…

This blog is the public face of a personal journey, mostly a metaphorical one but wherever possible geographical as well. The first posts I plan to publish are several years old and I’m not planning to reread them before posting … Continue reading

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