This blog will hopefully develop into some interesting posts about my experiences as a foreigner (yabanci) getting used to life in Turkey as, first, an extended tourist… then an official expat… a prodigal daughter… a foreign wife… mother to a half-Turkish child… and who knows what the future will bring. I’m trying to steer clear of pet ownership at least.

In case you’re interested in appearances, the background theme for A Yabanci in Turkey is from a painting by Lesley Bower (coincidentally also my mum) inspired by a market trader at Didim Saturday market. In its entirety it looks like this:

Big Mama Sells Flowers

The main blog image was taken up in the Rize mountains, in Ayder Yaylası, in April. We drove up a hair-raising, switch-backing road from the coast, where it was sunny and green and we had on t-shirts. Less than an hour later we were in a mountain village above the clouds, throwing snowballs. Or in my case… well, here is the rest of that picture. Guess what happened next?

About to get snowballed...

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