Violence in Didim as prominent businessman commits murder

Shock News: Ufuk Ergenekon, 42 year old owner of Didim cement factory Ufuk Beton and local philanthropist, shot and killed relative Gokhan Sevgi with a gunshot to the head, according to allegations. The tragic incident took place at D-Marin Didim, on the businessman’s boat, Ufuk 8.

Ergenekon, who built one of Didim’s middle schools, turned himself into police after the incident.

The tragedy happened at 1am on board Ufuk 8. Ergekenon, 42 year old owner of Ufuk Beton and donor of Akbuk’s Cemal Ergenekon Middle school, met with distant relative, 44 year old car mechanic Gokhan Sevgi, on the boat.

The men began to argue about a debt, and Ergenekon took out a gun and shot his relative in the head. He then called the police, who arrested Ergenekon at the crime scene. Sevgi was declared dead at the scene.

Ergenekon is son-in-law of AK Party’s MP for Aydin & has two children.

(Roughly translated from national Turkish daily Star newspaper:


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7 Responses to Violence in Didim as prominent businessman commits murder

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  2. Esther Mofet says:

    I feel there will be more of this sort of thing happening in and around Didim when the actual true scale of the Scams there unfolds.

  3. Michael West says:

    Very tragic case it seems:(. My pleasure if you want to share my article on homosexuality.

    • Yes, utterly tragic. To put it in context for people who don’t know the area, the man who’s confessed to the crime is not only son-in-law of an AK Party MP but also the owner of perhaps the most visible business in Didim, one that’s contributed to most if not all of the big changes in the town. Not much information about the victim, which is sad in itself. Thanks for the permission to share your article!

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