Just starting out…

This blog is the public face of a personal journey, mostly a metaphorical one but wherever possible geographical as well.

The first posts I plan to publish are several years old and I’m not planning to reread them before posting them because if I do I’ll probably want to change my mind, being howevermany years older and wiser now.

So please bear that in mind if you read this blog and wonder what sort of idiot’s coming out with this stuff. The answer, thanks to the inexorable progress of time, is an idiot who doesn’t exist any more! And the same goes for any newer posts if I get around to writing them, and that’s my get-out clause for anything I say here that seems a bit unwise in retrospect.

About A Yabanci in Turkey

A London expat in Turkey. Moved in 2005, married in 2007, mother in 2009. Blogging as DIY therapy to process life's changing faces. For money I mainly do freelance writing and transcription work and we have a business running luxury motor yacht cruises for visitors to and residents of our local holiday resort, Altinkum.
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2 Responses to Just starting out…

  1. Emily says:

    Hey you…Please share the news of starting a blog! I didn’t know! Welcome to the blogging world! xo

    • You obviously don’t spend as much time on Facebook as me where I’m (accidentally) spamming everyone with posts… 🙂 Talking of social media, can you add a twitter link to yours so I can start posting stuff about it? 🙂 🙂

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